Ability Challenged.
If you have or have had a disability
Mental or Physical
This group is for you.
Connect with others who have similar experiences.
Join add your info about your life Challenges.
Example you have a physical challenge of diabetes.
Or if you have more than one Challenge add all of them.

Any mental challenges depression, anxiety…

❤”Remember to edit your profile bio. Add that you are in the group called Click.”❤ add your general location for those who want to click live🍵over a cup of coffee.
Remember it is an open discussion group.

Click logo.

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    Wasn’t able to fit this logo in to cover photo properly when I first started this Click. So I changed it the white C is hand drawn it’s not perfect because no one is. The point of Click groups is for people to post their testimonies and share their experience strength and hope with one another.
    Your not alone unless you want to be.

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