About Us

As the Founder of Access Friends, it is my goal to provide a platform where people that have similar interests can communicate. My background is in international Human Resources which allowed me to meet people all over the world. One of the greatest things I have learned from talking to people is that, regardless of where they live, people place great value on family and friends; they strive to make connections with other people that have similar interests to theirs and that have a positive influence in their daily lives.

Some people have the same friends today that they had in high school but I think we all know that is rarely the case; and even if you are still in contact with them, you may not have a lot in common anymore, it seems we all go our separate ways. For the most part, Friends are people that you meet in different life experiences and can often change when that experience changes. For example, you may meet a friend at school or at a job but when you both move on, you lose that common factor and it becomes difficult to keep in touch when you have little else in common.


In other situations, some people have many friends but are missing that one person that shares a particular interest with them therefore they put that interest aside. For example, I always wanted to participate in charity events like the CN Tower Climb for charity or the Run For Cancer Cure and although I had friends with other interests, none of them were interested in doing this with me, so I never did. By giving you a platform to meet people with similar interests to you, you no longer have to pursue your interest alone; you can meet new people that have this same interest. After all, it is what you have in common with people that provides the basic foundation for a friendship to thrive.

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