About Us


One of the greatest things we have learned is that people place great value on family and friends; they strive to make connections with other people that have similar interests to theirs and that have a positive influence in their daily lives.


Life events often put us in a situation where we no longer have family and friends nearby. We created Access Friends to provide a platform where people can easily connect with other people who have similar interests.


Sometimes Friends are people that you meet in different life experiences such as school or at work and can often change when that experience changes. In other situations, some people have many friends but are missing that one person that shares a particular interest with them. These are times when you need to meet new people.


Access Friends allows you to search for people with similar interests, create or join groups, create events and invite people and direct message other users. After all, it is what you have in common with people that provides the basic foundation for a friendship to thrive.


Registration is simple: enter first name, city and a brief statement about your interests, no personal information required. Join today and see who you will meet!


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